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Street in ACT named after Emily Hornville
Horneville Street, Forde (ACT)


WHAT DOES OUR NAME MEAN? Muruwari (More-roo-worry) means,  'to fall (warri) with a fighting club (murru) in one's hand'.

WHO ARE WE? Muruwari people are the first Australian's from the Culgoa River region of northern New South Wales, Australia.

WHERE DO WE LIVE? Many of us still live on our country but others live in major towns and cities of Australia. 

WHAT DO WE WANT YOU TO KNOW? We want to keep our culture strong by telling you about us. Please tell everyone that you have learnt something about Muruwari people on this website.

Our Language

Our old Aunty and Granny, Emily Horneville (Mrs Ornable) said, " Pitara yaan Muruwariki", meaning in English, "Muruwari is good, sweet talk".  Lynette Oates (our special linguist) researched the Muruwari languge in the early 1970s and 1980s and we are thankful to her that we now have a good record of our language. Please learn our language, or at least some of it, and help us to keep it strong.

  Our Land

Find out about our country, plants, animals and special places.

  Our Arts and Crafts

Learn about our art, crafts and culture.

  The Old Days

Investigate how our old people lived and learn something about our culture. Our old people tell us that these were special times. We had our own laws, food, relationships,marriage, customs, medicines, places where we lived, roads, music, and fun.

  The Mission Days

Connect with our mission days and see how Muruwari people were treated during the early days (1860s to 1970s). The mission days are a sad part of our history but our old people made it as happy as they could.